Wildwood's Good News • Week #66

Wildwood's Good News • Week #66 - Wildwood Eyewear

Hey Wildwood Gang! 

Check out some of these awesome good news stories from the week.

1. Using only natural light for photosynthesis and heat, Shockingly Fresh’s greenhouse in Offenham, England, can produce four-times the yield compared with regular farming, while using much less energy than other vertical farms. Read more here.

2. Giant Eagle-Owl Unseen For 150 Years Just Caught on Camera. Read more here.

3. The giant arapaima, a piranha-proof river monster capable of growing to 10-feet in length and weighing 440 pounds, was almost wiped out by illegal fishing in the 1990s, but two decades of conservation means the ‘Terminator of the River’ is back. Read more here.

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