Wildwood's Good News • Week #58

Wildwood's Good News • Week #58 - Wildwood Eyewear

Hey Wildwood gang!

 Here’s some good news from the week!

ocean muscles

1. Research Shows Mussels Can Help Filter Microplastics Out of Our Oceans Without Any Harm to the Molluscs! Read more by clicking here.

students in classroom

2. Student Invents Toilet That Converts Poop into Energy  Invention of a toilet that composts human excrement and turns it into methane biogas for use in the school’s energy system has the students there re-evaluating waste like never before! Click here to read more.

3. LEGO Unveils First Brick Prototype Made from Recycled Plastic –Watch Their ‘Clutch Strength’ and Smash Testing. Read more here.

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