Wildwood's Good News • Week #4

Wildwood's Good News • Week #4 - Wildwood Eyewear

  Hey Wildwood gang!

 Here’s some good news from the week!

1. Florida scientists have just made history by becoming the first in the world to reproduce ridged cactus coral in human care.

Researchers from The Florida Aquarium are particularly excited about the discovery because it will one day be able to help conservationists restore “America’s Great Barrier Reef”—which is the third largest reef in the world. Read more about this here.

2. 10 types of apples thought to be extinct are found! The apples they found growing in orchards around abandoned homesteads in Genesee, Idaho, led to the re-discovery of 10 forgotten varieties of apples that were believed to be extinct. Read more by clicking here. 

3. Free market forces will obliterate global coal reliance within 10 years. Read more by clicking here. 


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